North America Precision Med is health product manufacturer.  We offer professional botanical and  health products available. All of our products are manufactured in the FDA registered and GMP certified facilities.

These trust badges are something you can place on all of your bottles. These trust badges give you a leg up on more than 95 % of the other supplements that are available for purchase right now.

All our products are full third-party tested, and we hold all certificates of analysis. Everything is manufacturer insured.

We also can offer expert logo/label design, branding, done-for-you websites and more. We also offer turnkey solutions for full custom formulas. And, yes, fulfillment/warehouse services for our formulas and for any inventory you may already have.

So if you’re already in the space and you have products that you’ve already purchased that you had to go invest on the front end, send those to our fulfillment center and we will fulfill those for you with the other items that you add to your offering.

We do not charge any storage fees or anything else. You simply pay for the fulfillment services as your products move.

We’re humbled, and we’re grateful to say that we have helped our clients that combined. This is all thanks to the exclusive business model and the additional services that we offer.